Friday, December 18, 2009

Wish you were here!

We wish we had Sephora in Australia, we fell in love with this store when we visited the States last year. It is pretty much the mecca for everything beauty! You can buy your favourite frangrance, skincare, cosmetic, haircare and bath/body product or sample something entirely new! The stores are styled beautifully and the selection is just phenomenal. This is of course what you would expect from a division of Mo√ęt Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

We also love the store events at Sephora where you can meet the brands and learn about upcoming trends and fresh looks, all from the experts themselves.

Sephora unfortunately doesn't ship directly to Australia and whilst you can purchase certain products that are stocked through other online shopping sites, you miss out then on the whole experience of being a Sephora customer! It is just heaven.... we spent hours, upon hours looking through the shop not wanting to leave!



Anonymous said...

I wish we had Sephora too! I can get lost in there for hours..

Good to see your blog is up and running, looking forward to seeing what ideas you guys come up with

MUMMA said...

Congrats - have just spoken to Jo (Keech) (my cousin) - I am in the wedding industry too, have had 43 years of doing weeding/bridal flowers. Love the new trends and contemporary styles. Looking forward to watching your web-site and giving it to my clients. I do country weddings in the Great Southern, if you have any enquiries about this area and flowers. Good luck, Helen Bignell (Wedding Flower Designs). Broomehill

MUMMA said...

Sorry I don't do weeding - I do wedding flowers!! Helen