Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wedding Filmakers

We are very partial to a beautiful wedding film! There are some fabulous people in the industry that have such skill in capturing the essence of the day. The ones we love are a little left of centre, not the typical wedding video, these talented people focus on using more of a fine art form.

In recording the day you have a treasured memory that captures the pure delight and joy of the day - wide smiles, laughter, holding hands + stolen kisses. The day can go by in such a flurry of movement that you don't always have the opportunity to sit back and see the whole picture.... which is where a skilled film maker comes along!

Californian based, Joel Serrato would have to be one of the finest cinematographers in the business, his Super 8 films are just exquisite. Elysium Productions also produce amazing films, in particular their film of Jessica Claire's wedding is phenomenal.

In Australia we have the very talented White Designs and Soda Films who both have a lovely story telling quality to their films, capturing the day as it naturally unfolds.

We encourage you to have a look at the above websites as they truly are a work of art!

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