Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Dresses Instore

We're very excited to introduce Katya Bridesmaid Dresses to our store. Perth designer Karyn Koevort has put together a beautiful ready to wear collection exclusively for Bride + Groom. The range is very feminine and elegant, with an amazing colour palette to choose from. Dresses are available in either a soft silk georgette or silk satin.

The range has been made so that it is so easy for the bridesmaids to choose their dress - you simply try on the sample dresses instore, choose your size, choose your colour and we place the order for you. You can even choose different dresses but have them made in the same colour.

Katya Bridesmaid Dresses are a very complimentary fit to the beautiful Harvey + Ella Dresses that we also stock instore. We hope to hold a photoshoot soon to showcase our beautiful ranges, in the meantime here is a small taste of the Katya Collection.

All images: Tungsten Photography

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