Friday, January 15, 2010

We ♥ Paper Lanterns

To anyone who has visited our store it would come as no suprise that we love paper lanterns!!! Our shop is filled with so many different types and colours... you can be so creative with them. We have lanterns with a pretty eyelet pattern that come in white, candy pink, sunshine yellow and sea blue. We also have a range of square accordian lanterns and the popular battery operated lanterns that are just perfect for that outdoor wedding or party. Lanterns are just such a fabulous inexpensive way to decorate and you can use them time, after time. Here is just a taste of a few beautiful images using lanterns....

Image: Paul Johnson

Image: Paper + Lace

Image: Photosmashing

The following images by Michael Norwood + The Flashdance use our two favourites - paper lanterns + Tiffany Chairs, how perfect!!!


Paper + Lace said...

Oooo these images are beautiful!! Especially love the ceremony setting with all those lanterns tied with ribbon floating from the tree! SO PRETTY!!

Tony Destroni said...

hi good day! nice post great place for an event .. thanks for the idea. i think this can use for some events ! it is also perfect . very impressive! . matching the attraction of the plants , lanterns and garden accessories such as wind spinner and other garden accessories . very nature theme . anyways
thank you i hope to read more post from you . my friends and guest gonna love this !